Samsung rfg237aars French Door Counter-Depth Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Samsung  RFG237AARS

Samsung rfg237aars refrigerator is a 23 cu. ft. Samsung counter-depth french door refrigerator. Samsung rfg237aars refrigerator includes some great features like the power cool and power freeze options, two humidity-controlled Crisper drawers, external filtered water & ice dispenser, an egg container, a dairy bin, a wine rack, cool select pantry, concealed hinges, digital display & temperature controls, super extended drawer in the freezer, secure auto close option, dual ice maker etc.

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Model Features & Details of this Samsung rfg237aars French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Twin Cooling System

The twin cooling plus system in samsung rfg237aars refrigerator is a system in which cool air circulates through the refrigerator. The twin cooling system is an independent cooling system that consists of 2 evaporators in the freezer and the fridge separately. This provides for better efficiency in cooling in both the freezer and the refrigerator. A big advantage of this twin cooling system is that the food odor does not seep in from the refrigerator to the freezer or vice-versa.

Cool Select Pantry

Cool Select Pantry in the samsung rfg237aars refrigerator is a multipurpose full-width drawer. The cool select pantry has separate adjustable controls. The cool select pantry can be utilized for deli items, pizzas, party trays and various other food items.

The cool select pantry in samsung rfg237aars has a temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the circulation of cold air. The pantry consists of three modes – chilled mode, fresh mode and deli mode. There are 3 buttons in the control corresponding to each of the 3 modes. By default, the fresh mode is selected in the pantry. When the fresh mode is selected, the pantry will be at a temperature of around 3 degree Celsius. The fresh mode is good for apples, oranges, cucumbers, grapes etc. In the deli mode, the cool select pantry will have a temperature of about 5 degree Celsius. This mode suits fruits & vegetables like lemons, potatoes, pineapples etc. The chilled mode is particularly suitable for fish, cheese, meat, hot dogs etc. In this mode, the temperature of the pantry will be around 1 degree Celsius.

Large Storage Capacity of Samsung rfg237aars

Samsung rfg237aars refrigerator is a 23 cubic foot counter depth bottom freezer refrigerator. It has got a pretty good combination of stylish looks, attractive design, and big storage capacity. The freezer capacity is 6.7 cu. ft. and the refrigerator capacity is 15.9 cu. ft.

The bigger storage capacity of Samsung rfg237aars gives a lot of space inside the refrigerator with the same outside dimensions as a traditional refrigerator model. That gives you enough room to hold all of your favorite hot & cold drinks, large party plates and other leftover items.

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Door Alarm

Samsung rfg237aars has got a 2-minute door alarm that produces an audible beep alert if the door of the refrigerator is left ajar for longer than 2 minutes. The alarm stops only when you close the refrigerator door.

Tilting Pocket

The tilting pocket in Samsung rfg237aars refrigerator is used to store small packages of frozen food. To remove the tilting pocket from the freezer, you need to pull both the brackets upward until there is a clicking sound.  To relocate the tilting pocket, you need to hook the ends of the tilting pocket into the brackets. Then, push it down until you hear a locking sound.

Ice Maker

The ice maker in Samsung rfg237aars refrigerator looks very compact. Samsung rfg237aars has got a dual ice maker – one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. The ice maker can provide cubed or crushed ice, whichever you want. You need to give the ice maker 24 hours before starting to operate it. A water pressure of 20 to 125 psi is necessary for the proper working of the ice maker. It is advised to use the ice maker that comes with the refrigerator. Don’t install another ice maker in your Samsung rfg237aars refrigerator. Never try to disassemble the ice maker.

The dual ice maker of the Samsung rfg237aars refrigerator produces lot of ice. This can consume a lot of energy sometimes. In order to save energy, it is recommended to set ice off if you have enough ice and don’t need more.

Surround Air Flow present in Samsung rfg237aars

There is a fan system in the Samsung rfg237aars refrigerator that helps keep your refrigerator at the optimal temperature. The fan system distributes cool air into your refrigerator in an even manner.

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