Samsung rf4287hars 28 cu. ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator – Stainless Steel

samsung rf4287hars

Samsung rf4287hars refrigerator is a 28 cu. ft. four-door french door refrigerator. Samsung rf4287hars has some useful features like the surround air flow, power cool and power freeze options, LED lighting, concealed hinges, twin cooling plus system, 2-minute door alarm, R134a refrigerant to safeguard the ozone layer etc. The freezer of the samsung rf4287hars has some special features too like the EZ-open handle, external water & ice-dispenser, in-door pizza pocket etc.

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Model Features & Details of this samsung rf4287hars 4-door Refrigerator


Samsung rf4287hars french door refrigerator comes with a one year warranty for its normal parts and service labor. The parts of the sealed system of the refrigerator (evaporator, condenser, compressor etc.) are covered by a five-year warranty. The warranty applies only to the United States of America (USA). To avail the warranty service, the customer must contact Samsung office to determine the problems and service procedures. The customer must furnish proof of the date of purchase of the 4-door refrigerator to validate the warranty. The warranty service can be performed only by a service center authorized by Samsung.

Flexzone Drawer

Samsung rf4287hars comes with the Flex Zone Drawer. The flex zone drawer is a counter-height drawer with four different temperature zones for different purposes. The drawer is basically used for easy access to food items while cooking. You don’t have to keep opening and closing the refrigerator doors constantly to take out food items. The flex zone drawer is located below the french doors. The drawer is equipped with temperature control and smartdivider (with 4 different temperature settings) to offer flexibility and complete control.

Twin Cooling System

Samsung rf4287hars french door refrigerator uses the twin cooling system in which 2 seperate evaporators are used. It is a system in which cold air is circulated through the four-door refrigerator.

Samsung rf4287hars uses R134a

Samsung rf4287hars has R134a refrigerant as the cooling agent. It is useful to protect the ozone layer as R134a does not contain chlorine.

Capacity of the Samsung rf4287hars Refrigerator

This samsung 4-door refrigerator has a total capacity of 28.0 cu. ft. The freezer has a capacity of 7.7 cu. ft.

Crisper Drawers

Samsung rf4287hars has 2 humidity-controlled crisper drawers to keep the fruits & vegetables fresh for a longer period.

Glass Shelves

Samsung rf4287hars has 5 tempered glass shelves. The shelves are made of safety glass that is heat-treated.

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Temperature Sensors

Samsung rf4287hars 4-door refrigerator is equipped with special temperature sensors to automatically regulate and moderate the refrigerator temperature.

Door Bins

Samsung rf4287hars refrigerator is provided with six 2-gallon door bins. These spacious door bins can hold very large containers that can be accessed easily.

In-Door Pizza Pocket

The freezer of the Samsung rf4287hars french door refrigerator has an “In-Door Pizza Pocket” on its door that can store a 16-inch pizza box.

Safety Instructions

You must read the instruction manual properly before starting to use the Samsung rf4287hars four-door refrigerator. You must take care to ensure that the refrigerator is not operated by people with reduced mental capabilities. Make sure the refrigerator is not installed in a moist place or in any place where there are chances of contact with water. Electrical parts must be properly insulated to prevent electric shock. Make sure that the refrigerator is not exposed directly to sunlight. It should also not be exposed to fire, heat from stoves or any such heat-generating devices. The Samsung rf4287hars must be plugged into its own individual AC outlet. The voltage must match the one recommended for the refrigerator. it is usually listed on the rating plate of the samsung rf4287hars refrigerator. Don’t plug the refrigerator into a power strip where multiple appliances are plugged in. This is to prevent any overloading of the wiring circuits. Never use a cord with abrasives along its length. When you unplug the refrigerator, firmly grip the plug and remove it straight out from the electrical outlet. Never use aerosols in the vicinity of the refrigerator to prevent any fire accidents.

When you are moving the refrigerator for shifting or installation, always take help from 2-3 people. Since the refrigerator is heavy, you may cause damage to it if you try to do it alone. Make sure that all the protective filming is removed from the refrigerator before plugging the refrigerator in. Make sure that the samsung rf4287hars 4-door refrigerator is grounded properly to prevent electrical shock. Make sure to keep your hands off the bottom area of the refrigerator. Also, the inside walls of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator must not be touched. Pharmaceutical and temperature-sensitive items must not be stored in the refrigerator. The defrosting process must not be tried to accelerate using any mechanical devices. Food items must be placed in airtight boxes and then stored in the refrigerator to prevent any moisture or air to sneak in.

If you have plans of a long vacation or if you know that you are not going to use the samsung rf4287hars french door refrigerator for a long time, it is recommended to empty the 4-door refrigerator and unplug it.

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