Maytag mff2558vem Stainless Steel 24.8 cu. ft. French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

Maytag MFF2558VEM

Maytag mff2558vem refrigerator is a 24.8 cu. ft. maytag french door refrigerator in stainless steel. Maytag mff2558vem is an energy star certified refrigerator that has some unique & useful features like the Deli drawer, humidity-controlled freshlock crispers for maintaining the freshness of your food, electronic dual-cool temperature management system, covered diary compartment, factory-installed ice-maker and so on. QuietSeries™ 200 sound reduction system helps it keep reasonably quiet.

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Maytag MFF2558VEM customer review

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Model Features & Details of this Maytag mff2558vem Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Maytag mff2558vem Warranty Information

Maytag mff2558vem bottom freezer refrigerator has a limited one-year warranty from the date of its purchase. During this time period, if the refrigerator has been used and maintained according to the instruction manual, Maytag will take up any expenses to correct any defects in the parts or workmanship that existed when the refrigerator was bought. The service of the refrigerator must be done by a service company that is designated by Maytag. The one-year limited warranty of Maytag mff2558vem applies only in the US or Canada. To avail this limited warranty, you need to show the proof of purchase date of the refrigerator.

Important Instructions for the Safety of the Maytag mff2558vem Refrigerator

In order to minimize any risk of electrical shock or fire when the refrigerator is in operation, you need to take some basic precautions. Always plug the Maytag mff2558vem into a 3-prong grounded AC outlet. Never use an adapter or an extension cord. Before servicing the refrigerator, disconnect the power. Always use a non-flammable cleaner to clean the refrigerator. Don’t keep flammable items like gasoline anywhere near the refrigerator. During the installation of the refrigerator, use 2 or more people to help you do it. Don’t try to install it alone. Since the refrigerator is quite heavy and tall (around 24.8 cu. ft.), you may do some damage to it when you try to install it alone. Make sure that the refrigerator is powered off while installing the ice-maker. Always close the refrigerator door slowly and smoothly. Don’t shut it hard. Also, when you are dispensing ice, use a strong glass.

Maytag mff2558vem Refrigerator Dimensions

Maytag mff2558vem 24.8 cu. ft. french door refrigerator in stainless steel is around 122.2 cm deep when the french doors of the refrigerator are open. The depth of the refrigerator with handles is around 90 cm. Without handles, the depth is around 83.7 cm.

Location Requirements for this Maytag French Door Refrigerator

To ensure that the refrigerator gets proper ventilation, allow about 1.25 cm space on each side of the refrigerator and at the top. Allow for about 2.54 cm of space behind this Maytag refrigerator. If there is an ice maker in the refrigerator, leave some additional space at the back of the refrigerator for water line connections. If you are installing your refrigerator next to a fixed wall, allow for 6.3 cm space on the hinge side of the refrigerator so that you can swing-open the french door of the refrigerator.
It is advised not to install your refrigerator near an oven, radiator, or any other heat sources. Also, it is recommended not to install the refrigerator in a location where the temperature can fall below 13 degree Celsius.

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Maytag mff2558vem Refrigerator Controls

Maytag mff2558vem refrigerator has two types of controls – electronic controls & digital controls. You can choose the type of controls you want in the refrigerator. The temperature controls of the refrigerator are all preset to the recommended settings for your convenience. However, when you install install the refrigerator, make sure that the recommended settings are still there.

If you have to manually adjust the temperature settings of the refrigerator, you have to do it depending on the condition of the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is too warm, adjust the refrigerator control one setting higher (press the up arrow or plus sign touch pad). If the refrigerator is too cold, adjust the control one setting lower (press the down arrow or minus sign touch pad). If the freezer is too warm or has very little ice, you will have to adjust the freezer control one setting higher. If the freezer si too cold, then adjust the freezer control one setting lower.

Never adjust the refrigerator or freezer control more than one setting at a time except when you are tuning on the refrigerator for the first time. You should always give 24 hours between temperature adjustments so that the temperatures stabilize.

Deli Drawer

The deli drawer in maytag mff2558vem is the perfect size for party platters and deli trays. The Deli drawers are temperature-controlled drawers.

Freshlock Crisper Drawer

The humidity-controlled crisper drawer in maytag mff2558vem refrigerator keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.

SmoothClose™ Freezer Drawer Track System

This freezer drawer track system in maytag mff2558vem french door refrigerator makes working with frozen foods a breeze. The freezer drawer track system can be opened and closed with ease. It can hold up to 120 lbs. of frozen food items.

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