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haier hnde03vs

Haier hnde03vs refrigerator is a 3.3 cubic foot 2-door refrigerator from haier. This compact, mini-size haier refrigerator comes with a limited one-year warranty for its parts and service labor. The components of the sealed system has a 5-year warranty period. The refrigerator features a “Dispense-A-Can” compartment for storage of cans, reversible door swing, adjustable thermostat, 2-litre bottle door storage etc. Haier hnde03vs has a virtual steel color.

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Features & Details of this Haier hnde03vs Refrigerator

Warranty Information

Haier hnde03vs service labor and parts are covered by a one-year limited warranty commencing from the date of purchase. You need to show the proof of date of purchase, refrigerator brand, model no. and the serial no. The limited one-year warranty of haier hnde03vs covers the mechanical and electrical parts of the refrigerator which help in the functionality of the refrigerator. However, the parts of the sealed system (condenser, evaporator, hermetic compressor etc.) are covered for a 5-year period. But, damages caused to those parts due to bad handling or mechanical abuse will not be covered by the 5-year warranty.

The limited warranty of haier hnde03vs does not cover consequential or incidental damages. This warranty does not apply to commercial or rental usage of the refrigerator. This limited warranty applies only to the United States of America, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Adjustable Temperature Dial

Haier hnde03vs maintains the temperature that you select automatically. The temperature dial of the refrigerator has 7 settings and 0. 1 stands for the warmest setting, 7 stands for the coolest setting. If you want to stop cooling completely in both the freezer and the refrigerator, then dial 0. Before actually starting to adjust the temperatures, dial 4 and let 24 hours pass by.

Note: If the refrigerator had been in a tilted position or horizontal position, don’t plug in and start the refrigerator immediately. Wait for 24 hours before you start it.

Freezer Compartment of haier hnde03vs

The freezer compartment of haier hnde03vs is used for making ice cubes. It can also be used to store food items for a short period. However, it can only freeze foods safely for 5 days at most. Not more than that.

If the ice cube tray freezes to the bottom of the freezer in Haier hnde03vs, you will have to pour in some warm water around the freezer to help loosen it. However, don’t use hot water on the freezer as it may cause damage to the freezer parts especially the plastic ones. Also, never use sharp metallic objects on your freezer. Sharp metallic objects like knives may damage the tubing of the cooling system. If you want to wash the ice-cube tray, use lukewarm water only. Never wash the tray in a dishwasher.


Haier hnde03vs refrigerator comes with the “Dispense-A-Can” compartment. You can load up to 6 cans in each “Dispense-A-Can” compartment. You have to load the cans from the top. To dispense a can, take it out from the bottom.

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Important Information on food storage

If you are storing fresh food that is not pre-packaged, make sure to store it in an airtight container so that the food has a longish shelf life. Eggs must always be stored in an upright position. Fruits & vegetables must be stored in sealed plastic bags. They must be washed well and dried before storing. Hot food items must be cooled before storing them in the haier hnde03vs refrigerator. When you have to store meat, use the original packaging or re-wrap as necessary.

Before storing food in the freezer, wrap it tightly so that no air or moisture can get in. If packaging is not done properly, it may cause odor or taste changes in the foods. You can use plastic boxes with tight lids, aluminium foil, self-sealing plastic bags to pack foods that you want to keep in the freezer.

Thawed foods or defrosted foods should never be refrozen.

Operational Noises made by this Haier Refrigerator

When the refrigerant circulates through the cooling coils, gurgling sounds or vibrational noises may be made. The thermostat control will make a clicking sound whenever it cycles on or off.

Weight of haier hnde03vs Refrigerator

This Haier refrigerator weighs around 63 pounds. Its shipping weight can be 67.5 pounds.

Dimensions of this Haier refrigerator

Haier hnde03vs refrigerator is around 19 1/16 inches wide, 19.5 inches in depth and 33 7/8 inches in height.

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