Frigidaire fght1844kf 18.2 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Top-Freezer Refrigerator: Gallery Series

Frigidaire FGHT1844KF

Frigidaire fght1844kf stainless steel refrigerator is a sleek and modern-looking frigidaire 18.2 cu. ft. top-freezer refrigerator with very bright lighting, high efficiency and flexible Express-select controls. It has a split-shelf system for better organization of your food items. The smudge-proof stainless steel coating makes it very easy to clean. Its humidity-controlled crisper drawer helps keep your food fresh throughout. This Frigidaire fght1844kf gallery refrigerator comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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Real Customer Reviews of Frigidaire fght1844kf Gallery Stainless Steel 18.2 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

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Model Features & Details of this Frigidaire Stainless Steel Refrigerator – 18.2 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

Warranty Details of Frigidaire fght1844kf

Frigidaire fght1844kf is covered by a one-year limited warranty from the date of your purchase. Within this period, if any repairing or replacing of the parts of this top-freezer refrigerator is required, Frigidaire will do it without charging you, provided the refrigerator is used and maintained according to the instructions in the manual.

SpaceWise® Organization System

The SpaceWise organization system present in frigidaire fght1844kf stainless steel refrigerator helps keep food organized inside the refrigerator. With the Spacewise organization system, it is very easy to find whatever food item you need, whenever you need it. Frigidaire fght1844kf 18.2 cu ft refrigerator has a full-width storage drawer, gallon-size tilt-out wire door bins, effortless-glide freezer drawers and a sliding glass shelf enabling proper organization of your food items and also easy access to them.

Operating Sounds Made by Frigidaire fght1844kf

Frigidaire fght1844kf is a highly energy-efficient stainless steel refrigerator which may produce some unfamiliar, weird sounds during its operation which actually indicates that the refrigerator is working properly. The evaporator may create a gurgling sound. The evaporator fan may force air through the refrigerator making some odd sounds. Hissing sound may be produced by the defrost heater when water drips onto it during defrost cycles. There may also be a popping sound after defrost. You will hear the ice cubes falling into the ice bin when ice is produced.  Parts such as electronic control and automatic defrost control can produce a snapping sound whenever the cooling system is switched on or off. Whenever air is being forced through the condenser, you may hear some sound. The compressor in this frigidaire fght1844kf stainless refrigerator may make a high-pitched pulsating noise. Then there is this buzzing noise made by the water valve when it opens to fill the ice-maker. You may also hear an odd noise when water drips into the drain pan during defrost cycle.

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Ice Service of Frigidaire fght1844kf

If your frigidaire fght1844kf gallery refrigerator comes with an automatic ice maker, then ice will not be produced in the first twenty four hours of the refrigerator’s operation. This is because when new plumbing lines are being made for the refrigerator, the air in those plumbing lines may cause the automatic ice-maker to cycle many times before producing a tray full of ice. So, it may take around 1-2 days to completely fill the container of the ice. Those new plumbing lines may even cause the ice cubes first produced to have discoloration and may result in them having an odd flavor. So, you will have to throw out the ice produced in the first 24 hrs.

To turn the ice-maker on, the water valve needs to be opened once the plumbing lines have been made. Then, the ice container must be kept under the ice-maker.  Then the wire signal arm must be lowered down to its “ON” position. To turn it off, lift the wire signal arm up to its “OFF” position. But, you don’t have to bother with manually turning the ice-maker off since it turns itself off automatically once the ice-container becomes full.

Note: Before loading this 18.2 cu. ft. top-freezer refrigerator with any food item, it is advised to operate the fridge with its door closed for around 8-10 hours. This ensures that food storage is quite safe.

Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel

Frigidaire fght1844kf gallery refrigerator has a protective stainless steel coating that reduces any smudges or fingerprints on the refrigerator. This makes it easier to clean the refrigerator.

Crisper Drawers

The crisper drawers in this frigidaire fght1844kf top-mount fridge is humidity-controlled. This helps keep any of your food items very fresh.

Refrigerator Controls

When you first switch on this frigidaire gallery refrigerator, both the refrigerator and freezer controls must be moved to normal which is the recommended setting initially. Once 24 hours pass, you can adjust the control settings as you want.

You should make sure that the temperature is adjusted gradually moving the knob in small increments. This allows the temperature to stabilize.

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